Glycolic acid, which is derived from sugar cane, is probably the most popular grade of alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) used  for facial peels. Glycolic acid peels are effective, with a  minimum of side effects..

AHA peels exfoliating the skin, loosen and remove the layer of dead cells (keratinocytes) on the skin’s surface (the stratum corneum), revealing the smoother, healthier-looking layer below.

Regular treatments can help with fine lines, minor skin discolorations (such as “age” spots), brown marks and dry patches known as (solar keratoses). They also can help minimize acne scarring and even help with the treatment of acne by stripping away the plugs where acne bumps can form. AHA peels can be done not only on the face, but on the neck, chest, back, arms and hands. They’re often combined with microdermabrasion for even greater results

Glycolic 30% Peel

$98 – Pay for 2 peels up front and receive the 3rd FREE

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxyl acid naturally occurring in sugar cane. AHA smoothes the skin and improves skin’s texture. A chemical exfoliant promote the repair and regeneration of skin.  The small molecular structure allows for rapid penetration. Glycolic Acid loosens intercellular glue that binds the cells together causing skin cells to slough. This is a superficial peel you can expect 1-3 days of light exfoliation. No downtime.

Recommended for:  Ageing, sun damaged skin, hyper pigmentation, ingrown hairs. Can be performed every 7-14 days for 4-6 treatments.

50% Glycolic Peel:

A bit more aggressive chemical exfoliant than the 30% glycolic peel to promote the repair and regeneration of skin.  The peel loosens the thickened surface layers that appear as dry, rough, scaly skin. As the uppermost layers are sloughed away, a smoother textured and healthier skin is revealed. Glycolic peels are used to treat mild sun damage, pigmentation and loss of elasticity. Peels will take 30 minutes and we advise a series of 3-6 weekly peels.

This is a superficial to medium peeling, you can expect 3-7 days of light/medium exfoliation. No or minimal downtime.


  • Helps to break down the cross linkages between aging skin cells
  • Speeds up the cell turnover rate
  • Helps stimulate collagen production and produce plumper, more even skin tone
  • Rejuvenated skin has a more youthful glowing appearance
  • Fine lines may be reduced
  • Age spots lightened
  • General pigmentation problems may be reduced
  • Acne improved and large pores become less prominent
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